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ManTire Special Polyviscose Designer Trouser Fabric

ManTire Special Polyviscose Designer Trouser Fabric

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Trouser Fabric
Material :- Polyester + Viscose 
Size :- 1.25 Meter ( width :- 147 Cms)
Than Cut :- Premium Quality Fabric 

Colour Dark blue 

Pattern Small Check


Each Trouser Length : 1.25 Meter
Width: 147 CMS/ 58 Inches (Bada Panna),
( Sufficient for a Full Length Pant )

Feel: Fine, Light Weight & Soft,
Color:  Dark blue
Occasion: Formal ,Casual & Occasional Wear,

A collection made from fine viscose blend using a compact yarn and blends  that’s delightfully comfortable to wear. Designs offer options for formal, informal, urban and casual business wear. Available in a wide range of patterns, a variety of finishes and always in this season’s colors.


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